Maybe writing isn’t your strong suit.
Maybe it is, but you don’t have time to update your social media or create press releases for upcoming events.

Either way, if you want to promote your beer and brewpub, level-up your social media, or just tell your story online in a way that entertains, informs, and compels people, you’ll want the help of an experienced copywriting and marketing team.

Final Draft Marketing specializes in:

Website Copywriting

Updated copywriting keeps your info up to date, promotes new products and events, and boosts your site’s SEO (if you don’t “speak marketing”, that means better visibility in Google). Your new text will be clear, concise, entertaining, informative, and compelling.

Blog Strategy, Written Posts, and Analytics

A blog provides the opportunity to promote your products and events, tell fun and informative stories about your beer, and give a behind-the-scenes look at operations. It also provides you with new content to share on social media and increases your website’s visibility in search engines. Win-win-win.

Press Releases

Promote your new brews and upcoming events with press releases. Or, let’s go deeper. Maybe your brewpub is located in a restored historic building. Perhaps your farm brewery is solar-powered. There’s almost always a deeper story that the press would love to get their hands on. Let’s work together to develop your press outreach strategy and see about getting your stories told.

Social Media Strategy, Photo Library, Written Posts, and Analytics

No, you don’t need to be on every social media platform. Let’s evaluate which one(s) work best for your target audience. From there, we’ll develop a content strategy, provide written posts and source images, and even post them on your behalf if you’d like. Each month we’ll review your metrics to see what’s working and shape your future strategy based on stats. #wegotchu

E-newsletter Strategy, Content, and Analytics

An e-newsletter is a great way to increase traffic. Think about it—you can send a personalized promotion directly to a customer. Promote new brews, sales and specials, events and updates; you get the picture. We’ll work with you on a strategy, then create, send, and review metrics to shape your future emails.

General Writing Tasks

Are you tired of customers pointing out the typos in your menu?
Could you use assistance with creating job listings?
Need a best-man speech for your head brewer’s wedding?
Yeah. We can help. Even with that last one.
I mean, it’s a little odd you’d ask us, but we like a good challenge!

Google Search Ads

You know how your Facebook friends keep saying, “I can’t believe I’m seeing ads for a car I searched for online days ago! It’s like magic!” Next time, let them say that about your brewery. With Google search ads, you decide how much you’d like to spend to give your website more visibility. It’s not magic, but it’s a great way to promote specific parts of your operations, like renting the space as an event venue.

Playlist Curation

Got a Spotify account? We’ll put together a playlist that’ll further push your brand and keep customers entertained. This service is also great for one-off events like an Anti-Valentine’s Day Shindig, punk Christmas party, Cinco de Mayo fiesta, 90s-themed Night… The options are endless.

Looking for another service not listed here? Reach out! We can refer you to a trusted associate who specializes in graphic design, photography, and other services.

By the way, we think veterans rock.
If you’re a veteran-owned business, ask about your discount.

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